Monday, May 10, 2010

A Week of My Crazy Crafty Friends!

My amazing sister who tumbles brilliant things here threw me a bridal shower this week with the help of my Mom, my Aunt, and four of my amazing Bridesmaids.

Not only was I reminded of how amazingly creative and inspired my sister is. I was blown away by my friends.   So, this week, I'm posting about their bits of crafty loveliness!

First things first -

My sis planned a Vintage Kitchen themed shower - which, couldn't have been a more perfect theme.

I hope to have lots of pics to post soon. Here's just a few to inspire.

My bridezilla other half, Ashley (who is getting married in July) made FIFTY mini pies as favors!!!

I mean - how happy are these!? Fiance and I shared the mixed berry last night. MMM MMM Good!


Ashley said...

I'll be posting a "how-to" over on the SnaggleTooth later this week!


Molly Made said...

Good! Cause I was gonna attempt to include some sort of tutorial - but - your tutorial would clearly be better! ha!

Jmarls80 said...

How adorable are those pies?! Can't wait to see more pics.