Friday, February 26, 2010

I tried...

I really did. I said, "Winter!  I am going to crochet you away!  Snow! Begone!"

           But, it didn't work.

                          The snow continued to fall.

                                          Yes, I know! I know! It's pretty.  But it's also TOO DARN COLD!

Can you tell I'm over it?

     There is one thing that will cheer up the face of a cold girl...


This pic was taken backstage in our greenroom and it's a little silly - but you get the idea. I really love that I am sitting next to a pile of toilet paper!  (ooops) This new piece this made with 2 different types of yarn and it is so squishy!  I don't want to give it up!  It's a custom order bday gift.  I hope she loves it as much as I do!

As soon as I took my Skoodie's off of my etsy site - custom orders started rolling in.  So I gave in. Skoodie's are again available here in my shop.  You can't fool mother nature.  It's a cold one out there and we still need help staying warm for at least another month or so.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I officially just shipped 3 giant boxes full of yarn and chunky knitwear to California.  Once this show closes we are headed to NYC, packing up our apartment and MOVING TO CALI!  We'll still be back in NYC often, so don't you worry.

In an effort to make the transition as smooth as possible... I've decided to slowly clear my chunky winter items from the Molly Made shelves. I'll be replacing the skoodies and neckwarmers with light springy pieces of wooly wonderment.

Keep an eye out for Felted Flowers, Ladybugs, and Cherries  like these from last year...

And... Look for my new crocheted Lariat Headband/Necklaces - they are already a hot item in my etsy shop!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Lovey Dovey Day!

First of all. I'm the luckiest girl in the world! I'm marrying the funniest, most caring person on the planet.  
We are getting married June 19th!  I'm so excited about the party we are planning.  In honor of Chuchie Wuchie Face day. Here's a few of our ideas.

We are working with a really great team at Stephanie Grace Design It's been tricky since we are working in Wisconsin right now and will be heading back to NYC in March. Parnell and Stephanie have been super helpful. If you are in Santa Monica, check out their new shop.

We new right away we wanted a "Rob and Laura Petrie Wedding." If you've never seen the Dick Van Dyke show.  You can catch episodes on Hulu. It is the BEST sitcom.

We were torn between a NYC wedding and California wedding. We've decided to go head and do both! (kinda) We'll have a ceremony with family and a few friends in Cali and then, a reception at a bar in NYC. For now, we're focusing on the California part. We've picked the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood as our venue. It's historic and beautiful.  The clientele might be a little too "hollywood" for us. But, we're packing the place with our loved ones, so it'll be just right.  The first Oscars were held here, and the decor is all original. Pretty. Dang. Cool.

This vintage light fixture is my favorite piece in the hotel. I WANT IT!

This is the lobby where we'll say the big I DO!

We are going to use Vintage Suitcases instead of a guestbook! Guests can fill out these Travel Stickers I found at 

I will be crocheting little flowers that will be sprinkled thru out my bouquet of red Dahlias and Roses. I have not decided on a yarn or pattern yet - but here's a few ideas. Eventually I will use real pearls. 

We had our Save The Dates designed by my favorite
Etsy seller, Kate Gabrielle at 

We then printed right on to the back of the cards ourselves. (JD actually did this all on his own... YAY for him) It took us a little time to get it all lined up perfectly, but it was fairly easy and turned out just like we wanted. I found little embellishments at Target (which totally surprised me) and they added such a nice touch. 

Kate also surprised me with "Will you be my Bridesmaid?" cards. They are now for sale in the stationary section of her site. Love them!

Once we were ready to ship we had our own stamps made at  It was super easy and they arrived in a few days. I'm aware that having stamps made of yourself is super dorky, so we chose this great dorky pic from a photo booth.  When our Save the Dates arrived our loved ones instantly knew they were from us. : )  We still have a few more to send, and hopefully that will happen soon. 

The last litle bit to share is our officiant.  After some major hemming and hawing (and a little freaking out on my part) we came up with the PERFECT officiant!
While on tour with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang I was luck enough to be partnered up with the beautiful, talented, loving, honest, ridiculously funny Tim Hughes. JD and I ended up sharing housing with TIm in Orlando and Orange County.  Tim was always so supportive and excited about each and every wedding discussion we had. We know Tim understands and believes what we believe and stand for, and we know there is no one more perfect to help us make this commitment to each other. We asked Tim in a sneaky way while playing a game called "mail man" and we are so happy he has agreed! 

He went to and is now legally able to perform the ceremony! 

I can't wait to someday help Tim plan his own wedding.

Sooooo this is what we are working on. There's more to share, wedding party, an 8 year old singing superstar, flowers etc... but I think we are off to a pretty good start! 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Eureka! The search for the perfect Vintage Cocktail Dress (A Heavenly Tuesday Part II)

After my successful trip to Loop I skipped my way over to ReThreads. I was headed there with a mission.  I'm doing a 50's and 60's musical review.  It's a great show, but we ran into one little problem with costuming.  The 4 girls wear 50s/60s coctail dresses for many numbers.  When we started I had a beautiful vintage green dress. It looked lovely with the Pink, Yell, and Blue dresses the other girls were wearing.

 Unfortunately as we got closer to opening the show, the seams started to literally melt away.  Even in places were the dress was not tight at all, the thread was falling apart. It was just too old, too well loved. It would have taken forever for the stitches to be replaced, so a new dress needed to be found.  The bummer was, it was too late to run around to vintage clothing stores and find a perfect fit (especially when I don't have the darn 26 inch waist most of these 1950's girdled women seem to have). So, something had to be pulled from stock.

I totally understand why this happened, but the result was a bummer.  I ended up in a frumpy patterned dress which looked silly compared to the other girls.  I didn't say anything, I wore the dress and did my job. BUT after hearing how BAD I looked on stage from not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 times by 4 SEPARATE PEOPLE! I new something had to be done.

1.  Our music director, who I love, told me it looked like a potato sack (I felt better about that when i saw the second episode of this seasons Project Runway)

2.  A patron said "all of the other girl looked so beautiful! But you, not so beautiful."

3.  A friend came and saw the show and she said "What the heck is wrong with your costumes. You look awful."

4.  Family members came and agreed it was horrible. Especially the back was super saggy.  (I hadn't even seen the back)

4.5 - Also - I do have to say he had tact - but our director said "Is that what you are wearing??" I smiled and said "Yeeeeesss."  He replied, "It's a lovely dress, but it's not quite right."


After heading to 4 different vintage clothing stores and leaving empty handed I found the home run dress at ReThreads in Milwaukee! I could not believe how perfectly it fit.  It had long sleeves which was a little weird... but Aja Heuss  (our ASM) removed the sleeves and placed the cuff buttons on the shoulders!   I am now soo excited to put on this costume.  Yahoo!!!

Here's the before...  (I actually feel sort of bad for the dress... it's not bad on it's own, but not right for a show and did not go with the other dresses)

and after...

Success!  Here's the 4 dresses together : ) Yay! Thank you Milwaukee!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Heavenly Tuesday

2 weeks ago JD had a recording gig in Milwaukee so I was lucky enough to spend the day exploring 3 of my favorite things... coffee, yarn, and vintage clothing... I couldn't believe these three things all existed in one little strip mall a few blocks from his recording studio...

While at Altera Coffee I enjoyed a beautiful 16 oz triple skim 1 pump mocha (my current drink of choice) and a breakfast burrito (my eternal breakfast of choice). Altera also has amazing Espresso Milkshakes if you ever get a chance. I then made my way to Loop. I had an order to fill and needed some lux green yarn. I found exactly what I needed...

Blue Sky Alpaca

Which became...

and Tahki Baby (LOVE!!!) mixed with a mohair baby kid

which became...

I then headed to ReThreads for part two of my fantastic day. More on that tomorrow : )

******** A bit about Loop - I've been there before and it is a truly lovely shop. Very Knit AND Crochet friendly, and also needle felting materials (which I love). It reminds me of a bigger Purl Soho in NYC or oddly enough Loop in Philly. All three shops are crisp and white and neatly organized. My only complaint is that they don't have a swift or a yarn winder. I had such a lovely time in the shop (I was there for about an hour comparing green yarns) and I really wanted to start working with the blue sky right away. I was totally bummed when they said they didn't wind yarn. Yes, I can do it by hand, and yes I have my own swift at home... but having at least one skein wound on the spot is such a simple basic finishing touch to a LYS experience.