Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Favorites from the road

Here's a few of my favorite Cell Phone pics from our road trip. 

We stopped at a little Mexican place in Amarillo, Texas, and they had flavor shots for sodas!  I don't drink soda often, but sometimes a good ol' fashion Vanilla Coke does the trick.

 The sign said this was the Largest Cross in the WORLD!   I don't know if I believe that, but it was pretty big..... and in the middle of NOWHERE!
 This is my official vacation project.  Never mind the fact that I've also finished 2 shrugs and a puppy hat on this leg of our vaca..... this is the official project that will eventually come with us on our cruise.  I'm still new to knitting, so this is super exciting for me. My first top down sweater, and my first go at double pointed needles! Look at that... IT'S A SLEEVE!

My cell phone camera doesn't do this sunset justice, but I still thought the contrast between the dark land and the crisp sky was pretty sweet.  Day 2 of our cross country drive is done... now... on to day 3.

On the Road

It's been too long since I've visited my blog.  I was super excited yesterday, because I thought I figured out how to post a blog from my phone!  As it turns out - it didn't work. wa wahhh - oh well, this is the post I intended to make yesterday : )

  The show is now on a much needed break. We've had this three week lay-off scheduled since the begining of our contract.  Although, the idea unemployment is not
 fantastic.... 3 weeks without tights, pin curls, wigs, fake eyelashes, or heels is MAGICAL!
  We're starting our vaca by driving from Kentucky to
 California.  Yesterday, we drove about 10 hours. I crocheted another little
pre-wedding gifty for my sis...

 and... a Rasta hat for my sis's dog!  She and her fiance asked for one... I think it looks more like a chef hat, but, hopefully once Tanks little beagle head is under it, we'll all be singing songs of freedom.
  Last night, we had dinner at a lovely Waffle House and stayed at a glamourous Motel 6.  In the morning we found a Starbucks in an Oklahoma City Mall.  It was at that Starbucks when I heard my favorite road trip quote so far.

 Elderly Oklahomian: I'll have a... a... grande... a whaddya call it... le-TAH?
 His son: NO! It's a le-TAY! Uh... I mean LA-tay

  Bless the Oklahoma latte men! They made me smile.